Academic Requirements and Regulations

Dress Code

All students who are studying at the Technological University (Kyaukse) must wear a uniform and hold student ID in the University Campus. Male students must wear white shirt with shoulder-strap and blue-black traditional longyi. Female students must wear white blouse with shoulder-strap and blue-black traditional longyi.


Student’s of Kyaukse Technological University

Disciplinary Action

It is advised that all students must read the regulations carefully prior to registration. All students must sign on the sheet of regulations and submit to student’s affair office admitting that they will follow the University’s regulations. Exam regulations are important and students can download it from here and read carefully before exam. Students will have consequences if they are not complied with the regulations. Chewing betals and smoking are strictly prohibited in the buildings of the University.

Attendance Policy

All students should have at least 75% of attendance in each course so that they can be eligible to sit for mid-term and final examinations. Moreover, all students should fulfil the academic requirements as shown in course specifications of each engineering program for the completion of a course.

Course specifications can be downloaded from

Academic Performance

Academic performances are measured by a variety of ways specifically exams, tutorials, practical record, presentation, discussion and attendance. Apart from academic performance, social activities, participation in sports and extra-curricular activities are highly appreciated and encouraged by the university. Academic performance is expressed as shown in the following table.

Grade Marks Grade Point Description
A+ 75 100 5 Excellent
A 70 74 4.5 Excellent
A 65 69 4 Very Good
B+ 60 64 3.5 Good
B 55 59 3 Good
B 50 54 2.5 Satisfactory
C+ 45 49 2 Pass
C 42 44 1.5 Fail
C 40 41 1 Fail
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