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Core Value We value clean and safe environment.
Mission & Vision An internationally recognized University
Welcome Message KTU was established in 1998 as Government.
SLOGAN Head to Heart and Hand

Welcome to Technological University (KYUAKSE)

Kyaukse Technological University has been fully supported by the Government since it was established. The University offers Bachelor of Engineering Degree.

Our university is a Government funded university and offers bachelor and master degree in engineering and science. We are trying the best to provide quality education, to conduct research based on the society need, and to engage in community development. Our staffs are committed to deliver the best service with the attempt to maintain national and international quality standards.

Our engineering and science programmes aim to produce graduates who can take a leadership role in their profession. We create strong network with national and international academic, research and industrial institutions to provide our students with industrial exposure, professional practice and job opportunities. Students can enjoy clean and safe environment, diverse learning activities and cultural activities.
We always welcome and value our stakeholders’ feedback and evaluation for the continual improvement of our university. Let’s try and face challenges together for our nation.

Again, I warmly welcome you to our university from the deep of my heart.

Best wishes,
Dr. Khin Maung Chin
Technological University (Kyaukse)


Studying at Kyaukse TU

Undergraduate Admissions

Allocation of discipline is done on the basis of high school grading (merit-based) and choice of preferences of each candidate.

Graduate Admissions

Christopher Kane is the 23rd president of Smart University, and the Chris Argyris

Silpaforn Uni, thailand
Master Degree

Christopher Kane is the 23rd president of Smart University, and the Chris Argyris

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၂၀၂၃-၂၀၂၄ ပညာသင်နှစ် Academic Calender
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Polytechnic University
နည်းပညာတက္ကသိုလ်(ကျောက်ဆည်)မှ ဆရာဒကာကျောင်းဖြစ်သော သာသနာဒီပ ကျောင်းတိုက်သို့ အပတ်စဉ်သောကြာနေ့တိုင်း နေ့ဆွမ်းဆက်ကပ်လှူဒါန်းခြင်း
နည်းပညာတက္ကသိုလ်(ကျောက်ဆည်)တွင် ၃.၆.၂၀၂၄ရက်နေ့ ၌ စတင်ဖွင့်လှစ်သော ၂၀၂၃-၂၀၂၄ပညာသင်နှစ်နှင့်၂၀၂၄-၂၀၂၅ပညာသင်နှစ်များ၏ ဘွဲကြို၊ ဘွဲလွန်သင်တန်းများမှ ကျောင်းသား/ကျောင်းသူများ (၁၂၁၃ဦး)အား အေးချမ်းစွာဖြင့်ကျောင်းအပ်လက်ခံခြင်းနှင့်သင်ကြားသင်ယူမှုများ စတင်ဆောင်ရွက်လျက်ရှိပါသည်
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၂၃/၅/၂၀၂၄ရက်နေ့ စတင်၍ ကျောင်း-အပ်လက်ခံပါမည်-၃/၆/၂၀၂၄ရက်နေ့ ကျောင်းစတင်ဖွင့်ပါမည်
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